Benefits of Studying in a Group at a Chinese Tuition Centre

Have you ever questioned if it makes a difference whether you send your children to Singapore for one-on-one Chinese tuition or group tutoring in a Chinese tuition centre, even though both options have positives and negatives associated with them?

Both students and their parents typically favour one-on-one tutoring because it gives pupils individualised attention that classroom teachers cannot provide. However, research shows that students benefit substantially more from tutoring in small groups. Studies have shown that providing students with tutoring in a group setting is one of the most effective ways to improve their ability to solve problems and their individual skill sets. In addition, the academic performance of students who participate in group tutoring is consistently higher than that of their classmates.

The following are three significant benefits associated with studying Chinese in a group setting:

1. Motivation from Peers

Students who have the opportunity to study with their classmates in Singapore often find it to be an extremely motivating experience. Students who study Chinese alongside their classmates might find solace and reassurance in the knowledge that they are not alone in their endeavour since they have the companionship of others going through the same experiences. In addition, a kid may be motivated to do well in school if they see their peers excelling and doing well in school. Both of these things, taken together, may help students improve their academic performance and cultivate a more positive attitude toward learning in collaborative settings.

2. Encourage Kids to Have More Faith in Themselves

Students benefit from a good dose of healthy competition and assistance in remaining on track when they participate in education delivered in small groups. If everything goes according to plan, the instructor will commend or recognise pupils who have done well on the assignment. Students may experience an increase in self-assurance due to the recognition that their efforts received from their classmates and teachers. This would encourage the other students to put in more effort on upcoming projects and examinations and do well on the exams that are coming up for them. Children may be encouraged to participate more actively in their education and enjoy their courses and tutoring sessions if they experience increased self-assurance.

3. Effective Review for the Chinese Examination

The week leading up to the exams after the semester is the busiest time for students, especially for those taking Chinese PSLE or O Levels. The students will also become aware of the fact that they are spending a greater amount of time in their respective tutoring courses during this period. Students who are part of smaller tuition groups have a greater propensity to be more motivated and productive throughout this time period. They can share with their classmates any guidance regarding the examination they have received from their Chinese instructors. During group tutoring, they will also have the opportunity to collaborate with one another to discover solutions to complex problems under the leadership of their Chinese instructor. This will make studying Chinese more enjoyable and less stressful, particularly around the time of the year when exams are being given.


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