How Do Adopting Innovative Aptitude Test Tools Can Benefit Career Counselors? Harit Gaba 


The emergence of tools for aptitude tests has been a boon in career counseling since it helps professionals identify the strengths and weaknesses, problem-solving ability, etc. of their clients whether fresh college or university degree holders or professionals to provide an insight into the potential of the candidate who comes to them for career guide. According to Harit Gaba, using the tool not only helps them save time on evaluation but also helps them in guiding their clients more seamlessly and efficiently. Being in the profession, those who are considering adopting the tool and are not well aware of the technology, continue reading to explore more.

What Is An Aptitude Test And What Is Its Necessity?

The aptitude test is, in essence, a scientific method or tool that helps in gauging the capability of individuals about their aptitude, analytical ability, and skills. Adopting the tool can be of immense help for career counselors to assess the potential of the candidate and suggest their matching options before choosing the stream and courses.

According to Harit Gaba, the test process offers plenty of benefits for career coaches to get momentum in the assessment process and guide students more proficiently without making errors. Especially for the new comes in the profession, using this tool is a great solution to avoid possible confusion and difficulties experienced by them.

  1. What is the Necessity of Organizing Aptitude Test?

As per Harit Gaba, nowadays aptitude tests are extensively used for career counseling, and the selection of prospective employees, apart from talent management. Having these tests helps career coaches figure out the strengths and limitations of candidates, their skill levels, and abilities and thus provide more informed decisions to candidates at the doorstep of choosing an academic stream and career options matching their abilities.

  1. What Are the Different Types of Aptitude Tests That Career Counselors Can Conduct?

With the fast-evolving technological approaches, nowadays aptitude test methods or tools can measure varied sets of skills and abilities. The list may include abstract reasoning, verbal reasoning, personality tests, spatial reasoning, and more. Importantly, each form of test can measure an array of various sets of skills, abilities, and potential of a candidate.

  1. What Is The Accuracy Level Of The Test That Career Counselors Can Rely on Them?

Noteworthy, the level of correctness of aptitude tests is dependent on different factors. This includes the quality of the assessment process or test, the type of tests, and the professional who administers it. This is why, having a thorough knowledge about the test process is important to decide the types of tests to administer. Also, it depends on whether a candidate is about to choose an educational line or courses, a college or university graduate like to consider a suitable career, or a professional confused in the course of a career transition process.

While aptitude tests seem to be a fairly helpful tool to measure one’s ability, skills, and potential, a career counselor also needs to use their sixth sense and judgment skills to assess the strengths, weaknesses, communication skills, personality, etc. during the consultancy session. Make sure to use the tool and use personal insight in conjunction apart from going through the background of the candidate before making an informed decision.


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